All enrolled students have to be registered officially by the School around the time of orientation week. Prior to registration, students are required to pay 50,000/- TSH on the same PBZ account where applications are made and submit a pay-in slip in order to be given the registration form. During the same period, students also perform medical check-ups. The registration period is the only time when a student can change a selected course to a more desired course as long as the entry requirements are similar and do not conflict. It is also during this time where a student should verify their names and registration numbers as appearing in their Ordinary Level Certificates (Form IV). Failure to do so may result in unwanted problems in the near future.


Any student, who has falsified information to gain an advantage in admission, shall be discontinued from studies as soon as identified or recognized with no further discussions.

Foreign students are required to submit all necessary immigration-related documents, police clearance, and pay-in slips to the Zanzibar School of Health during application and after selection.

Upon enrolment, all students will be provided with the following documents which they have to read and understand thoroughly:

  • Prospectus

  • Library, computer room, and skills lab regulations

  • Student's by-laws and any other school regulations.